Sunday, December 5, 2010


Which do you think are your most explicit characteristics?
Dreamer,friendly, curious, inconstant, energetic.
Which qualities should a man have? 
Complicity. If I love I have a life to live for two.
Which qualities should a women have?
Class, interests, dynamism.
Your principal fault?
 Moody and too much sensitive.
A day that would make you happy? 
A day passed from the morning wake-up until the goodnight sleep with all my friends.
A day that would upset you? 
A boring and too much reflective one. A boring day when I miss my inspiration.

The most enchanting present that was given to you… 

A Dupont lighter in platinum and black glaze with my initials upon it. A masculine gesture for my special minutes troughout the day. 

…that you gave someone?

I am not so good at making presents, but to very few people I give and I have given my most precious: my heart.

The gift you would ask the nature for? 

The ability to cancel out the distances. I want to be exactly where I desire everytime everyday.

The colpes that inspire you most indulgently? 


Fashion for me is... 

Inspiration from everything, somewhere, somehow, someway. And it is so hard to imprint it in mind and retranslate it to yourself, to people.
Do you follow (every) fashion trend?
Absolutely yes. I love try everything and get inspired. Every trend comes from a situation, for a situation. And I am sure that sooner or later I am gonna live every type of situation.
What influences you as a person:
Stories, projections, people and traditions. 
If you had to choose, which would be your favored fabric/material for clothing? 
Leather above all, since I consider fashion a physical way to extend expressions of myself.
... and color combination?
Black and blu. Dark ones in general for a dark soul, lighter for a free one. 
Which one would be your favorite accessory?
Hats to hide my thoughts. 
Favourite book? 
Le petite prince. It has everything I love in it. Travel stories, friendship, worlds to discover, flower and sand.
Rothko. I believe in a linear world.
Cristobal Balenciaga, Consuelo Castiglioni, Karl Lagerfeld, Dries Van Noten. Every designer that creates forms that alterate my body, like a suit of armour.
... And movie?
Gone with the wind. Scarlett´s soul is the one I wish I will have.

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