Sunday, December 5, 2010


Which do you think are your most explicit characteristics? 
Determined, sarcastic, sensitive, dreamy, timid
Which qualities should a man have?
Persistence, generosity, humor, eagerness
Which qualities should a women have?
Independency, discreetness, charm, perceptiveness
Your principal fault?
Being able to change mood in a sec
A day that would make you happy?
A day that rewards me with a result for something into what I have put a lot of energy in over a long period of time and a day in which a wish or dream comes true. 
A day that would upset you?
A day in which I would get deluded for somebodys actions and a day in which I would loose a beloved person from my life.
The most enchanting present that was given to you…
I adore personal presents with sentimental meanings
Fashion for me is...
… a way of expressing my fluctuating emotions and to being able to expose my character without words.
Do you follow (every) fasion trend?
I dont follow, but imaginably am influenced by it and translate it into my personal taste.
What influences you as a person?
Experiences, people, places, cultures, photography, art, music
If you had to choose, which would be your favored fabric/material for clothing?
It´s difficult to name only one. I dont like velvet and paillettes, but i adore lace for example. Neither cotton jersey I like even though its very comfortable to have on your skin. I love tweed, bouclé, especially the 2-coloured woven ones and obviously silk fabrics, like japonette with a clouded and dim finishing to it, chiffon and crépe de chine.
... and color combination?
I like opposing colors. Like a tender brown and incandescent orange or a subtle grey and solid green.
Which one would be your favorite accessory?
I could never leave my house without a bag, but it’s the same for the majority of women I guess. I rarely not have a foulard or necklace.
Favourite book?
At the moment Haruki Murakami´s novels.
A few years ago I came across a young Australian painter named Miranda Skoczek
in an Contemporary art gallery in Hong kong for emerging artists. I fell in love with especially one of her canvas.
I like many, I don´t just have one. Everyone has a special talent for something, however Coco Chanel remainds number one.
... And movie?
I could watch the movies "Before sunrise" and "After sunrise" directed by Richard Linklater and the french/british/italian drama “The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci an endless amount of times.

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